Through more than 20 years experience serving on presidential campaigns, U.S House & Senate races, and on Capitol Hill, DeWitt has developed longstanding relationships with many of the country's key political operatives, elected officials, and donors. Her deep experience and thoughtful counsel helps clients navigate the political landscape, achieve key political goals, and make a difference.

Key services include:

  • Political Philanthropy — Provide advisory services to maximize the effectiveness of client political giving and achievement of client goals. Services include relationship development, cause leadership, media management, and strategic gift allocation.
  • Strategic Counsel — Serve as ongoing client advisor to ensure political and charitable goals are met. Services include goal development, strategy and tactical support, partner introductions and development, plan execution.
  • Fundraising — Comprehensive fundraising support, including goal development, planning and execution of events and capital campaigns.
  • Speech Writing — Provide speech writing and professional writing services, including comprehensive research and strategic communications.
  • Management of Private Foundations — Launch, develop and manage family foundations, non-for profit organizations and NGOs to achieve client goals.
  • Candidate & Organizational Due Diligence — Research and monitor targeted races, organizations and committees to support sound investment recommendations for clients.
  • Compliance — Track client federal and state political giving to ensure compliance with contribution limits and laws.
  • Reputation Management —Monitor and advise clients regarding online reputation and presence, manage public relations activities, including branding and messaging campaigns.